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Logos and identity guidelines

On this page, you'll find our logos, information about our identity, as well as some guidelines.

If you have doubts or questions regarding your reuse of our assets, please get in touch with us.



Always use a capital "F" to spell "Funkwhale".

Please be vigilant when naming your Funkwhale-related app or project.

You may:

  • Use the "funk" or "whale" parts in your own name
  • Pick other ideas in the marine vocabulary if you need some inspiration
  • Name your app "Spotify to Funkwhale importer", "Funkwhale integration for Clementine" or "HappyWhale"

You may not:

  • Use variations such as "funkWhale" or "Funk Whale".
  • Suggest or imply or that you are affiliated with Funkwhale in any way, or create confusion as to whether or not you are affiliated with Funkwhale in any way.
  • Name your app "Funkwhale player", "Funkwhale iOS client" or "Funkwhale playlists manager"



You may use these assets:

  • To link to our website or apps
  • To advertize that your project or app has Funkwhale integration
  • For illustration purposes in your writings, presentations, videos or documents about Funkwhale

You may not:

  • Distribute or use modified versions of these assets
  • Use these assets in your own project or application icon
  • Integrate or use these assets in your own logo
  • Change the colors/proportions or add your own text/images